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Grandfather Road Chase: Shooter

Xếp hạng:
(21.365 phiếu bầu)
nhà phát triển:
Square Dino
Phát hành:
tháng 6 năm 2024
Cập nhật mới nhất:
tháng 7 năm 2024
Công nghệ:
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Nền tảng:
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Grandfather Road Chase Realistic Bắn súng is a thrilling shooting game that challenges you to escape relentless pursuits using various weapons acquired throughout the game.

Cách chơi Grandfather Road Chase Realistic Bắn súng

You are in the back of an open truck with an experienced driver driving as fast as possible to avoid enemy fire along long stretches of open road. There is nowhere to hide; you only have courage and your aim. This first-person shooter game boasts realistic graphics during a high-speed chase with you as the target.

The game is played through the eyes of the shooter and the various levels; you are tasked to shoot down any cars that are tailing you. Will you be able to shoot down the cars catching up with you or sit idle as they aim in your direction?

Vũ khí của tôi là gì?

You may have a weak car but are not short of arsenal. You can wield AK47s, miniguns, flamethrowers, and more to shoot down enemies, but you don't get this full arsenal from the get-go. It's earned through rewards, which are currency to purchase new weapons.

Complete over 50 unique levels, unlock biomes and locations, and defeat all bosses to experience ultimate road madness!


If you do not aim and fire, you will likely remain safe as opponent fire can be easily avoided. The key to having fun with the game is to upgrade your weapons when you've earned enough to do so. Switching between weapons adds a layer of complexity and thrill to the game.

Trò chơi tương tự

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Ngày phát hành

tháng 6 năm 2024

Nền tảng

Trình duyệt web (desktop và di động)

Cập nhật mới nhất

02 thg 7, 2024

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