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Noob Snake 2048

Xếp hạng:
(67.090 phiếu bầu)
nhà phát triển:
Phát hành:
tháng 7 năm 2023
Cập nhật mới nhất:
tháng 1 năm 2024
Công nghệ:
Nền tảng:
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
phân loại:

Noob Snake 2048 is a captivating snake IO game with multiple game modes. Collecting cubes will add them to your tail and increase your size. Devouring cubes from other players will bring them down. Test your skills and conquer the leaderboard in this addictive and action-packed snake adventure.

How to Play

Starting a game in one of three game modes

You can start a game in one of three available modes: normal, survival, or arena.

In normal mode, the objective is to collect cubes until you reach a maximum score of 262k before the other players get there first or take you down.

In survival mode, the aim is to reach the highest score possible within a set timeframe. Arena mode is a battle royale survival mode in which the aim is to be the last survivor standing.

Powering up your player

In every game mode, there are power-ups, like faster movement, that help you collect more cubes in a shorter time. You can also buy power-ups from the marketplace and activate them at any time during the game.

The game is available in four languages: English, Vietnamese, German, and Russian.

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Noob Snake 2048 is inspired by the game 2048. There are other similar games like Cubes 2048 and Man Runner 2048 worth checking out when you’re finished.

Release Date

July 2023


Astetrio developed this game.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Cập nhật mới nhất

25 thg 1, 2024

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