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Psyclotron Idle

Xếp hạng:
(1.843 phiếu bầu)
Phát hành:
tháng 10 năm 2018
Công nghệ:
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Nền tảng:
Browser (desktop-only)

This wonderful idle game takes inspiration from the popular Revolution Idle. The premise is simple – collect energy and buy upgrades to improve your energy generation. Energy will generate automatically on a timer, but you can also collect additional energy. To collect energy, simply click with your left or right mouse buttons.

Each energy ring can be periodically upgraded. An upgrade will improve the ring's rate of generation per cycle. As you progress and build up energy, you can buy upgrades. These upgrades will enhance your generation and allow you to progress more quickly. Furthermore, you can also make use of the transcend and deify features to collect energy even faster.


This exciting game is still under development and is in its Beta phase. The developer is Grimm Games.

Release Date

May 2017, and it has been updated in October 2018.

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