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Sort Parking

Xếp hạng:
(4.725 phiếu bầu)
nhà phát triển:
Phát hành:
tháng 6 năm 2024
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Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Sort Parking is a puzzle game where you sort cars by type, ensuring every color car is parked in a row with cars of the same color to get to the next stage of the game. It is a classic sort-and-order game that involves skills like logic to advance to the next levels.

How to Play Sort Parking

The concept of Sort Parking is fairly straightforward. You need to use logic to park cars of a similar color in one row, ensuring that no odd car is blocked in the parking lot between unmatching colors.

The game begins with cars of various colors parked all together. You will have a row with mixed car colors: brown, red, yellow, and blue, but you aim to get the same color car parked all in the same row, so all red cars parked in one row, brown cars parked in one row, and so on.

There are a few empty rows—these are the ones that you need to be strategic about filling. Once you place one color in an empty row, you will have to add the same color to that very row. Cars cannot be placed in front of different-colored cars, so once you start a row, make sure you have a plan to fill it.

When you fill an entire row with one color, that row is locked in. Lock them all in and complete the stage.

Earn More Points

Once you clear a stage, you can increase your points by clicking on the highest rotating number. It seems easy enough, but those numbers rotate pretty quickly.

What Can You Do With Your Points?

You can unlock more car models with in-game coins. Clear stages to collect pieces for the background; when matched, you can change the background to a new theme.

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Release Date

December 2023


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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